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SKOS-HASSET webinar, broadcast 28 March 2013

A webinar describing the work of the SKOS-HASSET project and showcasing its results was broadcast on Thursday 28 March 2013.  The webinar was recorded and this file, plus the static slides, have been published on the UK Data Archive’s SKOS-HASSET … Continue reading

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Technical objectives and deliverables

Lucy Bell Introduction The SKOS HASSET project had several technical objectives and deliverables: to create SKOS-HASSET by applying RDF to an existing, well-respected and well-used thesaurus (HASSET) to bring HASSET and ELSST into a single framework at database level to … Continue reading

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SKOS HASSET Development Process

John Payne One of the deliverables of the SKOS HASSET project was to provide the ability to present the HASSET thesaurus as SKOS linked data.  This required elements of work including database cleansing, application creation and software configuration.  As described … Continue reading

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SKOS-HASSET Webinar: 28 March 2013, 10:00 – 11:00

The SKOS-HASSET team will be presenting the results of its work on 28 March 2013, at 10:00 GMT via a Webinar.  Please join us to hear more about the project.  Space is limited, so do sign up with GotoWebinar to … Continue reading

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2012 review, and a look forward to 2013

As the year draws to an end, it feels right and proper to reflect on what we have achieved so far in the SKOS-HASSET project. The project began in June and, since then, it has done the following: Communicated with … Continue reading

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From Tuples to Triples: applying SKOS to HASSET – a technical overview

Darren Bell 1. Introduction The UK Data Archive (the Archive) has been experimenting with RDF for a couple of years. When the funding was secured from JISC to apply SKOS to HASSET (Humanities and Social Science Electronic Thesaurus), it was … Continue reading

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Licensing for SKOS-HASSET: WP4 deliverable – the SKOS-HASSET Licence Recommendation Report

1.0 Background The Archive maintains two thesauri: the first, the Humanities and Social Science Electronic Thesaurus (HASSET), is owned entirely by the University of Essex and contains subject terms covering all the social science disciplines; the second, the European Language … Continue reading

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