The SKOS-HASSET project started at the UK Data Archive in June 2012.  It will continue until the end of January 2013.

Meet the SKOS-HASSET Project team:

Lucy Bell (Project Manager) – Lucy is the Archive’s Management Information Manager. She has a long history of project management in the Archive.  Her other responsibilities in the Archive include looking after the thesaurus products and the resource discovery interface, which makes her the ideal person to lead the work to apply RDF to the Archive’s controlled vocabularies.

Mahmoud El-Haj (Data Mining Officer) – Mahmoud’s main field of interest, and research area, is multi-document text summarisation in addition to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Information Retrieval (IR). He has experience of working with many NLP tools in relation to text summarisation, including stemming, tokenisation, stop-words removal and finding relationships between sentences using semantic and statistical models. His work has covered automatic indexing as an essential element in maintaining the ability to find relevant information in a sea of irrelevant ones.  Mahmoud has experience in text mining algorithms, gained during his PhD and during his time working with MEDIE, an intelligent search engine which retrieves biomedical correlations from Medline, based on NLP and text mining techniques.  Mahmoud has applied gold standard tests to cluster summarisation techniques and is well-placed to transfer this technical expertise to the Archive’s setting.  Mahmoud has been working in the Archive since 2011

Lorna Balkan (Project Officer) – Lorna has postgraduate experience in text parsing and computational linguistics, as well as a long history of working with and developing thesauri, in particular HASSET and ELSST and has written a number of academic articles on ELSST and its development.

Suzanne Barbalet (Project Officer) – Suzanne is an experienced and qualified Information Scientist and has worked in the Archive for over 2 years.  She has valuable experience in both indexing, having specialised in this during her time at Intute, and also in the creation of controlled vocabularies.  Also, importantly, Suzanne has expertise in social science methods through her work with the Survey Resources Network.

Darren Bell (Database/RDF Developer) – Darren has over ten years of experience in XML, SQL and metadata markup.  He has created and maintained high level databases and applied multiple syntax formats to data and metadata.  He will take the lead in applying SKOS.

Sirisha Kakarla (Database Developer) – Sirisha has worked on the Archive’s thesaurus database for several years and has technical expertise in the creation, management and development of their hierarchical relationship structures. She is the Archive’s expert in thesaurus database design.  She is also well-experienced in the design, development and maintenance of Web Services and components to generate, modify and store data in relational databases and XML format and the maintenance of utility scripts.

Oscar Dovao Jiminez (Interface Developer) – Oscar is the Archive’s Java developer.  He has much experience in developing data tools and systems.  He will primarily work on the user-facing web pages, but will also support Mahmoud in the development of the testbed for the automated indexing exemplar and Sirisha on the management interface.

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