2012 review, and a look forward to 2013

As the year draws to an end, it feels right and proper to reflect on what we have achieved so far in the SKOS-HASSET project.

The project began in June and, since then, it has done the following:

We have more work to do, which will take us into the Spring of 2013.  Forthcoming tasks include:

  • Finishing the manual evaluation of the automatic indexing exemplar
  • Writing the automatic indexing recommendations report
  • Applying version control to the thesauri
  • Releasing a new version of the thesauri
  • Releasing SKOS-HASSET on the web, via Pubby, using the recommendations of the licensing report
  • Running a webinar on the use of the thesaurus
  • Creating a leaflet to encourage wider use of the thesaurus

We are looking forward to working more with SKOS and HASSET in the New Year.  In the meantime, the SKOS-HASSET project team would like to wish all its blog readers a very Happy Christmas!

Lucy Bell, UK Data Archive

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