Risks and budget

This blog will contain our analysis of any risks we think we might encounter and the budget we have available.

Risk analysis

Risk Probability Severity Risk score
Financial 1 5 5
Legal 2 5 10
Staff retention 2 5 10
Underestimation of time required 2 5 10

We have contingencies in place, should any of these risks materialise, for instance, we would engage the legal expertise of the University of Essex and JISC should any legal issues arise.  If staff leave, the timeline will be reassessed and new staff recruited, if time and resources permit.  The Project Manager is also monitoring tasks in line with the Gantt chart and will communicate any slippage in a timely way.


The project’s total budget is £97,893, with £69,999 (72%) being funded by JISC.  The budget breaks down as follows:


Lucy Bell

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