Welcome to the SKOS-HASSET project

The UK Data Archive at the University of Essex has recently started working on an 8-month, JISC-funded project entitled SKOS-HASSET (#SKOS-HASSET).  The aims of the project are threefold:

  1. it will apply SKOS to HASSET, creating SKOS-HASSET;
  2. it will test SKOS-HASSET’s automatic indexing capabilities in relation to survey data resources
  3. it will improve the Archive’s thesaurus online presence, by enhancing the existing management interface, the user-facing pages and all the Archive’s underlying thesaurus database tables and structure.

The project team are keen to receive feedback from interested parties and have created a JISCmail list as the first stage of this part of the work (https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?A0=HASSET-THESAURUS).  Please do join the list to hear announcements about new blogs and further news from the team.

Progress and more information about the project will appear on this blog in due course.

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